For immigrants

In Salo, immigrants can receive guidance on matters concerning integration, employment, and education. Immigrants are primarily informed and guided by the social services immigration unit. At the Salo Employment and Economic Development Office, there is an employment adviser who specialises in matters related to employment and education.
The immigrant can have an initial report made where their skills and life situation are mapped and the need for education and integration are evaluated. The individual integration program usually consists of various integration services as well as studying Finnish.
The immigration unit at the Salo Employment and Economic Development office provides additional information on the integration program.

Immigration unit - guidance and counselling

The immigration unit works with practical immigration matters by giving information on immigration, studying, and employment as well as interpretation services. The personnel co-operates with various authorities and voluntary organisations.

The basic task of the immigration unit is to be in charge of immigration matters such as receiving refugees and returnees, securing immigrants´ livelihoods and directing them to various services, and arranging initial introduction, counselling, and advice. If deemed necessary, an integration plan is made for the client. An integration plan is the immigrant´s personal plan on the actions and services needed to promote and support their possibilities to become fluent in Finnish or Swedish and to gain different information and skills that are necessary in working life and that support the immigrant´s abilities to be an active member of this society.

The on-call immigration unit information desk is situated in the Social Services Centre (Tehdaskatu 2, 24100 Salo) and it is open during office hours Mon - Thurs 8:00 - 12:00, no appointment needed. Appointments for client meetings are made at the information desk and through letters of invitation sent by social workers and social instructors.