Salo Immigrant Council

There is an immigrant council in Salo made up of representatives of different cultures. There are approximately 10 members and the council assembles about four times a year. The immigrant council chairperson is Olga Kulmala and the secretary is Terhikki Lehtonen. The purpose of the council is to function as a representative of immigrants in Salo and to promote co-operation between immigrants and authorities. In addition, the council:
* promotes co-operation between immigrant organisations and dialogue between different cultures
* develops services related to immigrant integration
* conveys information to immigrants on the Finnish society and issues related to participation and ways to make a difference.
* enforces and develops opportunities and ways of learning Finnish
* encourages immigrants to participate and to make a difference
* participates in preventing discrimination and racism
* encourages immigrants to maintain their own native language and culture identity.
You can e-mail the immigrant council at

Mun Salo ry - Multicultural association in Salo

Mun Salo ry is an association founded in 2010 to promote multiculturalism. The purpose of the association is to build a multicultural and international Salo. Integration is improved by increasing opportunities for co-operation between Finns and immigrants and between immigrants of different origins. The members of the association come from many different cultures, including Finland.
Mun Salo ry arranges support persons and peer support for immigrants. A support person helps an immigrant to get integrated in Salo. Peer support groups include mother-child groups, returnee groups and a cooking club.
Ask for more information: Inga Aedma

The Union of Multicultural Associations in Southwest Finland SONDIP (Varsinais-Suomen monikulttuuristen yhdistysten liitto ry)

SONDIP is a union founded in 2006 to promote multiculturalism in the Finnish society. The purpose of the union is to promote the visibility of multiculturalism in society and to increase co-operation and interaction between different groups.

SONDIP partakes in policy making by participating in authority meetings and work groups at a national as well as a municipal level. The goals of the union include increasing the visibility of immigration and multicultural associations in the society, and increasing interaction and co-operation between member associations as well as between authorities and multiculturalism associations.

International associations

The international friendship associations in Salo are steadily working together with the municipality. The associations meet a few times a year and inform each other of important matters and plan possible joint meetings etc.
The members of international associations are glad to answer questions from immigrants and want to help immigrants´ integration. International association contact information can be found here