Alternatives to daycare

The parents of under school-aged children may choose between the following alternatives for arranging childcare

  • The children are cared for at home. If there is a child under 3 years old in the family, the family may be eligible for child home care allowance.
  • Organising childcare with private day care allowance (private daycare centre or hired nanny at home).

Looking after the child at home

Child home care allowance can be granted by Kela to parents during the child care leave. An electronic form is used to apply for child home care allowance from Kela.

Families with a child under 3 years of age who is not in daycare provided by the municipality can apply for child home care allowance. One of the parents or some other caregiver, such as a relative, can look after the child. The person receiving the allowance must immediately inform Kela if there is a change to the child´s care arrangements or the family income so that the allowance can be paid based on the right reasons.

A child looked after at home can participate in open early childhood education and care activities.