Early childhood education and care fees

The fees of early childhood education and care are determined based on the Act on Fees in Social Welfare and Health Care and a decision made by the city. A monthly fee determined by the ability to pay of the service user and the size of the family is charged for daycare. Charging the fee for childcare starts on the beginning date stated in the decision on daycare.

Appendices required for determining the daycare fee

  • Calculation of the previous month´s income, also stating accumulated earnings and paid leave (preferably broken down)
  • The estimate of future monthly earnings by the payroll clerk if no information on accumulated earnings is available (new employment relationship)
  • Copy of the decision on daily subsistence
  • A certificate of studies and information about income during studies, such as daily allowance, study grant
  • A receipt or a copy of the agreement on child support or child maintenance allowance in which information is given separately for each child in daycare, also survivor´s pension paid to the children stated separately for each child in daycare
  • A receipt or a copy of the agreement on paid child support or child maintenance allowance
  • A document on other earnings affecting the daycare fee
  • A report on company earnings, the most recent annual financial statement. If the information has changed, the most recent income statement and balance sheet based on the changed information. A new entrepreneur must submit an estimate of the company´s earnings.

All taxable earned and capital income of married persons or those living in marriage-like circumstances in a shared household as well as their tax-free income (including paid leave) are considered as income. Benefits paid to the child in childcare are also taken into consideration (child support, survivor´s pension). If there is monthly variation in the income, the average monthly earnings from within the previous six months are considered. The income verified in the previously filed tax report can also be considered as taxable income and these are increased based on the percentage annually determined by the Tax Administration.

Payment decision on the daycare fee

The extent of the daycare fee is based on the size, income and service need of the family. If any of these grounds changes, a new payment decision is sent to the family. The family may receive a number of different payment decisions during the same calendar month. All payment decisions and invoices are sent to the family´s principal. In Salo, the mother is considered as the principal unless otherwise specified by the family.

The decision on daycare includes instructions on how to report information about income. Customer service for invoicing is primarily offered by telephone (telephone hours 9-12) and by mail. Mail can also be delivered to the office via the info point in the City Hall as well as to the mail boxes located outdoors next to the main door (please write ´Varhaiskasvatustoimisto´ on the envelope).

Appendices can be submitted in the following file formats: doc., jpg., jpeg., pdf., tiff., xls. The maximum size for the files is 4 Mg.

Fees for daycare supplementing pre-primary education

Daycare fee for pre-primary school age children

Four hours of pre-primary education free of charge are provided daily during the school year. If the child needs daycare in addition to the pre-primary education (4 h/day), the daycare fee is 70% of the monthly fee of full-time daycare.

During the autumn, Christmas and winter holidays, the child in pre-primary education can be in daycare for the amount of time needed without any changes to the daycare fee.

Open activities

Tuition fee for play school activities, charged twice a year.

  • 1 time/ week 40 euros
  • 2 times/ week 50 euros
  • 3 times/ week 60 euros

Open daycare activities and playground activities continue to be free of charge.