Nonstandard hour child care

Nonstandard hour child care includes childcare provided outside the normal opening hours (weekdays, normally between 6.30-17 o´clock, upon agreement between 6.00-18.00 o´clock) The subjective right to daycare does not include nonstandard hour child care.

The city organises nonstandard hour child care to enable parents´ regular shift work or full-time studies. The child can be in childcare whenever both guardians/the guardian are on a work shift as well as after a night shift when the parents are sleeping. In case there is no longer a need for the nonstandard hour child care, placement in childcare in another unit is arranged for the child.

Nonstandard hour child care is provided in Perniö and Salo city centre. 24-hour daycare (24 hours a day/7 days a week) has been focused in Salo city centre.

Opening hours of the units

It is of utmost importance that the child gets to familiarise himself or herself with the new childcare centre, and enough time should thus be reserved for this.

At the beginning of childcare, we arrange a meeting for each parent. In the meeting, the staff discuss matters related to nonstandard hour child care with the parents. At the same time, we get important information about the child and what he or she is used to. We hope that families communicate with us about their expectations, wishes and any issues that are on their minds at the beginning of the childcare relationship. After the meeting, the children/child of the family start the familiarisation stage with the parent at the new childcare place.

Meals in nonstandard hour child care

The nonstandard hour child care centres provide meals to the children - breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, evening snack - during the hours when the child is in care. The meal times vary based on units and groups.