Day care - care for children under school age

The parents may choose child care from the following options:

- children are cared for at home. If there is a child under 3 years old, the family can receive Child Home Care Allowance from KELA
- playground
- open day care
- playschool
- day care
- preschool education
- arranging private day care with the private day care allowance


The playground activities are meant for children over 2 years old who are being cared for at home. You can leave your child to play at the playground in the supervision of an attendant. The length of the play time is agreed upon with the attendant. The child shall be wearing weather appropriate clothing.
Opening hours can be found at the early childhood education site at Playground (in Finnish).

Open day care

The open day care is meant for children under school age and for the parents taking care of them at home. The activities are free of charge and do not require registration. At the open day care, parents take care of their children themselves. The activities include playing, exercise, excursions, music, and arts and crafts. At the open day care, parents have the opportunity to discuss child rearing, child development and the everyday life of a family with children.
Open day cares are located in Salo on Annankatu, in Halikko on Vanha Turuntie and in Perniö at the family centre Piiperö. The activities are open and free of charge for children and parents to enjoy together


There are playschools in Salo that are meant for children over 2 years old who are not in municipal day care. Playschools meet 1 to 3 times a week for 2 - 3 hours at a time.

Day care

Day care means that children are cared for outside the home. Early childhood education is care and education given at day care. The aim of day care and early childhood education is to support parents in raising their children and to promote children´s development, growth and learning together with their families. At the same time, the child gains playmates and gets to know the Finnish lifestyle and language. At the day care, the child´s own culture and native language are also supported because it is important for the child to be fluent in their mother tongue. Parents can always discuss and express wishes to the day care personnel on matters related to their child. Day care is provided at kindergartens and in groups at family day care (in the childminders own home).

You must apply for day care by filling out an application 4 months before the child needs day care. If the parents become employed or are accepted to an education institute, day care will be arranged within 2 weeks.

The family will receive a written notification in the mail about the decision that has been made on the day care place and day care charges. You can ask about day care charges from early education office secretary

Finnish as a second language, S2 teaching at kindergartens

A child´s learning of Finnish and growing up in two cultures is supported in day care. The child will be prepared for the transition to preschool and school.

There is a travelling S2 kindergarten teacher in Salo whose task is to teach Finnish more effectively with the staff of the kindergarten. The teaching is carried out in kindergarten group meetings, in small group activities, one-on-one, and through peer support and participation. The goal is that the child is an equal part of the group and that they get an equal opportunity for learning.
More information: Irmeli Järvinen 02 778 7869,

Preschool education

Preschool education is meant for all children aged 6. Sometimes, the start of the child´s school education has been postponed by a year and in that case they are in preschool at age 7. Some children start preschool at 5 years old, and in these cases a decision of an elongated compulsory education has been made.

In Salo, preschool education is arranged in kindergartens. Preschool education is given for four hours a day, it begins in August and follows the same work times and holidays as school.

Preschool time is free of charge. If the child requires day care in addition to preschool education, a day care charge will be collected.

Applying for early childhood education services


Basic education is free-of-charge all-round education regulated by the Basic Education Act. There are two official languages in Finland, so it is possible to learn and go to school in Finnish or in Swedish. Basic education usually starts in the year when the child turns seven years old. It usually takes nine years to complete basic education.

All 7 to 16-year-olds in Finland are bound by law to compulsory education, which obligates them to participate in basic education or for their parents to take care of their basic education in some other manner.

Welfare services
Tehdaskatu 2, 24100 SALO
02 778 4002

Additional information at the Basic Education site

Finnish as a second language, S2 teaching in schools

Keskustan koulu gives preparatory lessons for basic school for 7 to 13-year-olds and illiterate immigrant students.

Preparatory lessons are given for immigrated students for 1 to 1,5 terms. The goal is to gain workable practical school language so that transferring to the basic education of the student´s nearest school will be as easy as possible. The main part of the lessons consists of Finnish (S2, Finnish as a second language).

Preparatory lessons for secondary school is given at Hermannin koulu.

School children´s afternoon activities

These activities are meant for all first and second grade students, in connection to primary schools, to an extent determined by the municipality. The primary club activity location is the activity centre of the primary school that the child is a student in, regardless of which area the child lives in.
More information: Mervi Niemi 02 778 4015, or
Tuija Lindgren-Väänänen 02 778 4014,

Youth services

Sports services

Immigrants are welcome in all sports activities arranged by the municipality. All municipality sports services are meant for both immigrants and those born in Finland.

You can do sports in Salo in many locations. The municipality upholds approximately two hundred sports centres.
You can do sports by yourself, together with your family or friends or in a guided group. Guided sports groups can be found in the sports guide that has been distributed to all homes.

There are also sports groups in Salo that are specifically aimed for immigrants. These multicultural groups mainly work on an integration principle. The goal is to help immigrants get to know and become integrated in the sports culture in Salo. These sports groups are open for everyone. There are groups for children, women only, women and men, and men only.
These groups are free of charge.

There are separate guided sports activities for youths. These activities are meant for immigrants as well as those born in Finland. The program is called Lataa liikettä! The Lataa liikettä! groups can be accessed by all youths aged 13 to 19 with a card that you can get at school, the immigration unit, the youth information and service station and the employment and economic development office.

Additional sports activities are offered by over a hundred sports clubs

Read more information from here

Library services

There are a main library, nine branch libraries and two mobile libraries in Salo. The libraries are open for everyone and using them is free of charge. At the library, you can read, spend time or meet friends.

You can borrow books, magazines, movies, music, language courses etc. To do this, you must have a library card. You will get the card from a library. For this, you must have a picture ID with you. Under 15-year-olds also need a guardian´s backing.

There are computers at the libraries that customers may use. There is also the PressDisplay service that contains facsimiles of newspapers from all around the world.

Salo city library

Culture services

Culture services are produced by the Unit for Cultural Services, Salo art museum Veturitalli, and Salo Historical Museum SAMU

Organisations in Salo

There are many organisations in the Salo area. Contact information can be found here