Interpreter services

If your language skills are not good enough for handling your own matters, you can ask for interpretation help form the authorities. The authority (i.e. schools, day cares, social services, health services) will evaluate the need for an interpreter and provide an official community interpreter if necessary. It is important that the client is present on the agreed time. The interpreter´s task is only to interpret, that is, to convey the spoken message from one language to another. The interpreter is always bound by professional secrecy.
The authority decides on whether interpreter services are necessary.

Turku region interpretation and translation services

The services of the Turku Region Interpretation Centre are primarily meant for social, health and integration authorities working with refugees and asylum seekers. The goal is to provide services for all authorities dealing with immigrants. Private persons may also order translations.
If necessary, there will be training on how to work with an interpreter and how to handle encountering different cultures.

Contact information:
Turku Region Interpretation Centre
Rauhalankatu 14 b C, 20100 TURKU
02 330 000
Open Mon - Fri 8:15 - 16:00
Interpreter relay service 02 262 6321 or
Translation commissions 02 262 6325 or

Official translators

Below is a link to the register of official translators. You can search for translators with the search engine by using either a name or the language to be translated. The search results will show the official/authorised translator´s name, town of residence and which language pairs and directions they have the right to translate as an official/authorised translator. Unfortunately, the board of examiners cannot publish the translators´ contact information.
Authorised official translators (National Board of Education)