Salo Immigration Program

Municipalities are bound by law to make a local program that includes a plan on promoting integration, co-operation and responsibilities and taking immigrants´ needs into account. The program also includes goals and measures on ethnic equality and promoting good ethnic relations and to prevent discrimination. Immigrants, civic organisations in the municipality, labour organisations and other relevant groups will be heard when making and implementing the integration program. Procedures and services will be arranged in such a way that they can be used to efficiently and appropriately promote and support immigrant integration.

The Salo Immigration Program includes information on services directed for immigrants and concrete actions to improve services and co-operation. The Immigration Program is primarily meant for the Salo municipality workers and all parties participating in immigrant integration such as other authorities, educational institutions and organisations.

Immigrants´ point of view and experiences have been taken into account in the process of renewing the Salo Immigration Program. The first team is made up of immigrants who have lived less than three years in Finland and who are in the early stages of their integration process. The second team consists of immigrants who have lived in Finland for a long time, and the third team is the Immigrant Council whose members represent immigrants living in Salo and whose activity builds on the members´ active participation and willingness to make a difference.

The measures and suggestions presented in the Salo Immigration Program meet the definitions of measures of the Southwest Finland regional program, the Southwest Finland immigration policy program, and the Salo municipality strategy.
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