Social and health services

On-call social services

The on-call social service provides help in urgent matters outside office hours. You can contact the on-call social service by calling the emergency call number 112.

Immigrant unit

The on-call immigration unit information desk is situated in the Social Services Centre (Tehdaskatu 2, 24100 Salo) and it is open during office hours Mon - Friday 8:00 - 11:00 (no appointment needed). Appointments for client meetings are made at the information desk and through letters of invitation sent by social workers and social instructors

Health Centre

All municipalities and cities have a health centre that is responsible for the residents´ basic health care services. The health centre will charge adults either an annual fee or a one-time payment which can be charged a maximum of three times a year. For under 15-year-olds, the health centre services are free of charge. Visits to the health centre public health nurse are also free for adults.

There are doctors, public health nurses, nurses, and several other specialists at the health centre. There are two health centres in Salo town centre: the Main Health Centre and the Western Health Centre.
02 77 21
Additional information: Salo Health Centre

Doctor´s appointments

Doctor´s appointments are available by reserved appointments or on-call service. Doctor´s appointments in Salo town centre are at the Western Health Centre and the Main Health Centre. In other Salo regions, the doctor has appointments at the regional health centre, child health clinic and other locations that are specified separately. In emergencies, you can come to the doctor at all times:
* your local health centre on weekdays
* Salo Main Health Centre during nights and weekends.

Health centre region division and contact information

Physical examinations

The immigrant unit directs immigrants to an entry physical examination performed by a public health nurse. The immigrant unit worker will make the examination appointment and provide an interpreter if necessary.
The goal of the examination is to find out the client´s present and previous state of health. If deemed necessary, the client will be directed to further laboratory or X-ray examinations. Based on the interview and examination results, an appointment can be made to the client´s personal doctor.
All students are physically examined by the school doctor

Maternity clinics

There are maternity and child clinics at health centres. The health of expectant mothers and their future babies are monitored at the maternity clinic for the whole duration of the pregnancy. It is recommendable to visit the maternity clinic before the end of the fourth month of the pregnancy since it is a condition for receiving maternity benefit. Alternatively, you can visit a private doctor, but nearly all pregnant women in Finland go to the maternity clinic. The maternity clinic also arranges prenatal and family classes for expectant mothers and fathers. Most future fathers in Finland participate in these classes.
In Finland, most women give birth in a hospital. Most fathers are present at the birth. Maternity clinics often arrange tours to the hospital where the mother is planned to give birth.
Maternity clinic services are free of charge for the client

Child health clinics

A follow-up check for the mother after the birth is performed at the maternity clinic, but after that the child and the family are transferred to a child health clinic. The child health clinic monitors the child´s health and development and supports the family with the new baby in many ways. At the child health clinic, the child will receive the vaccinations in the vaccination program approved in Finland. The child can be taken to the child health clinic by the mother, the father or both.
Child health clinics also arrange courses and discussions for new mothers and fathers and for the whole family. By participating, the families can get to know other families in a similar situation and get expert help on questions about the child´s health, development and upbringing.
Child health clinic services are free of charge for the client

School health care

When children go to school, they are transferred from the child health clinic to school health care. The vaccination program begun in the child health clinic continues at school health care. The school nurse will perform regular physical examinations on the children. The school doctor checks the children a few times a year. Also parents may contact the school nurse.
Municipalities arrange school health care at primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and upper secondary schools.
School children´s teeth are checked regularly and cared for at the health centre.
School health care and dental care is free of charge for the client.


Salo belongs to the hospital district of Southwest Finland. Hospitals offer special health care services. Admittance to examinations and treatment at the hospital requires a referral from a health centre or private doctor. In an emergency, a referral is not necessary. The goal is that patients could be taken in for examinations within three weeks after the doctor´s referral has arrived at the hospital, and to be able to take in the patient for treatment three or at the latest six months after the need for care has been established at the outpatient clinic. Often the queue times are longer than recommended. Patients only need to pay a small amount of the hospital charges themselves. The hospital charges consist of outpatient clinic fees when visiting a specialist doctor and a daily bed charge when spending the night at the hospital. The daily bed charge includes examinations, procedures, medication, treatment and meals.

Salo Regional Hospital

The Salo Regional Hospital offers health care services for the municipality area. There is an on-call special health care service

Turku University Hospital (TYKS)

The Turku University Hospital is one of the five university hospitals in Finland.
Visiting address: Hämeentie 11, 20521 TURKU

Transportation of patients

Patient transportation offers acute treatment and urgent transportation to the hospital. Ambulances are always on the alert to drive to a patient´s home or to an emergency location. The emergency number always needs to be called in urgent life-threatening situations and other emergencies.

Emergency number 112

First aid

First aid departments treat acute illnesses and injuries. First aid departments are on duty around the clock.
The health centre night emergency on-call service works at the first aid department 22:00 - 8:00.

First aid clinic 02 314 4529

Dental care

The Salo health centre has 12 dental clinics. Centralised appointments (02) 772 3852 serves on weekdays 8:00 - 16:00. Additional information on dental care can be found at the oral health caresite

Patients´ legal rights

The patients´ legal rights are defined in the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients. According to the Act, everyone living permanently in Finland has the right to get good treatment and to be treated well. The patient must receive information on treatment options and their consequences. The patient usually has a say in how they will be treated.
Act on the Status and Rights of Patients

Private health care

There are also private doctors and dentists in the Salo area. Information on private doctors and dentists can be found on the yellow pages and the Internet. Private health care is often much more expensive than health care provided by health centres and public hospitals.
KELA reimburses a part of the charges of private doctors and dentists


Medication can only be bought from pharmacies. KELA reimburses a part of the price of medication prescribed by doctors