Salo Historical Museum SAMU

Postal address: P.O. Box 77, 24101 Salo
The museum stores and displays material related to the City of Salo´s cultural and industrial heritage. The museum has several locations throughout the Salo area.

Electronics Museum of Salo

The Collection of Electronics houses devices manufactured in Salo by the Salora, Mobira, Nokia and other Finnish and international electronics industry.
The main focus of the exhibitions are displays of radios, televisions and later on phones and monitors. For further information about the Electronics Museum of Salo

Leena Järvelä
Tel. (02) 778 4885

Halikko Museum

Kirkkorinne 7, Halikko
Open 6 Jun - 11 Aug 2019, Thu, Sat and Sun 11 am-17 pm and 25 Aug noon - 16 pm.
The museum displays agriculture and other traditional livelihoods. It has an outstanding manor section, with objects on loan from Wiurila and Vuorentaka Manors as well as a collection of weapons and money.
Halikko Museum is located in an idyllic old grain magazine beside Halikko Church near the Road Museums Historic bridge.

Meritalo Museum

Moisionkatu 18, Salo
Open 26 Jun - 25 Aug 2019, Wed-Fri noon - 5 pm, Sat-Sun noon - 4 pm, and on special request.
The Meritalo Museum collections contain a large amount of school artefacts and objects related to living and different livelihoods.
Meritalo Museum is located in an idyllic wooden house district near the river in Salo.

Perniö Museum

Museotie 9, Perniö
Closed 2019.

Kiikala Local Museum

Porvarinpolku 10, Kiikala
Open on June, July and August Sun noon - 3 pm
The Kiikala museum area has buildings that have been transferred from seven different areas, including a military residence, peasant croft, granary, smoke sauna, workshop, drying barn and shed. Also displayed are peasant and pharmacy artefacts and products from the Johannislund glassworks.

Kisko Local Museum

Kirkonkyläntie 30, Kisko
Open on July Sat-Sun noon - 3 pm, on August Sun noon - 3 pm
The museum displays agricultural, household and handicraft artefacts and peasant furniture.
The stone storeroom that houses the museum was built in 1851.

Kreivinmäki Open-Air Museum

Viurilantie 34, 24910 Halikko as.
Free admission to museum area.
An open-air museum featuring the 18th century peasant environment, containing a windmill, a loft storehouse, a granary and a miller´s cottage (private).

Suomusjärvi Local Museum

Karjalohjantie 161-2, Suomusjärvi
Open 22 Jun - 11 Aug 2018, Sat-Sun 11 am - 2 pm and 25 Aug noon - 16 pm.
The museum displays agricultural, household and handicraft articles from the 19th century and Stone Age objects.
The museum building is a loan grain storehouse that was completed in 1861.

Trömperi Museum Inn

Vanha Turuntie 1326, Hajala.
Open 29 Jun -11 Aug 2018 Wed-Sun 11 am - 5 pm and 25 Aug noon - 16 pm.
This 18th century cottage inn houses today a coffee chamber for visitors.

The Halikko, Meritalo, Kiikala, Kisko and Suomusjärvi Museums, Trömperi Museum Inn and Kreivinmäki Open-Air Museum are free of charge.
The museums are also open by separate arrangement in addition to the regular hours.

For further information:

Anna Väänänen
Curator, SAMU
P.O. Box 77, 24101 Salo,
Tel. +358 2 778 4883

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