Salo City Library


Library services in Salo are offered by the main library, nine branch libraries and two mobile libraries. The branch libraries are situated in Halikko, Kiikala, Kisko, Kuusjoki, Muurla, Perniö, Pertteli, Suomusjärvi and Särkisalo.

Salo City Library is a part of Vaski-libraries.

Welcome to the library!

Libraries are open to everyone and their use is free of charge. You can come and sit down, read books or magazines, meet friends, use the internet, etc. Libraries have wireless network SaloGuest.

If you wish to borrow books and other material, you need to have a library card. You´ll get one by proving your identity with a valid identity document with a photograph (f.ex. your driver´s licence or passport). The first library card is free. By signing the library card you consent to obey the library rules, to return the borrowed material on time and to pay the possible fees. You are responsible of all the material borrowed by your library card. Contact the library immediately if you lose your card or it is stolen. It is important to cancel your card so that it can´t be used wrongly.

Borrowing material is free but remember to return or renew your loans on time. The loan period for library material is normally 28 days. But the loan period for f.ex. the magazines and DVDs is 14 days. When borrowing, you will always receive a receipt with the due date. The loan period expires at the library´s closing time on the due date. You will need to pay a penalty charge for any overdue loans.

You will find more information about the rules of library here.