Youth services

Youth centre Steissi

Address: Mariankatu 12, 24100 SALO.

Director of Youth Affairs Johanna Paananen 044 778 4800
Secretary Anu Rautsalmi 044 778 4802

Youth activities in Salo

Several youth centres hold youth evenings, which offer a diverse range of leisure time activities for children and young people under the guidance of adults.

Youth Affairs also arranges camps, field trips and other events.

Maisa Heinonen 044 778 4664

Youth spaces (in Finnish)

Youth workshop activities

Workshop activities are designed to prevent the exclusion of young people.
The main task of youth workshop activities is to help young people strengthen their life and social skills and to support age-appropriate development and community growth.
Another goal is to promote young people in learning-by-doing, improve their education and working life skills and ease the transition to education and working life. Salo has an art workshop, media workshop, carpentry workshop and a cafeteria.

Annukka Salo 044 778 4826

Outreach youth work

Outreach youth work offers free counselling and support to young people aged between 15 and 29 who are outside of education, unemployed, have limited options or who would just like to have a helping hand in managing everyday life.

1. Provides an opportunity for a safe, confidential contact with adults by being present in the everyday lives of young people

2. Helps young people to find solutions to their questions and problems and access the services they need

3. Offers support to young people if they are willing to accept it

Youth outreach work is intended to help young people, who are not in education or the labour market or who need support, and guide them to services that meet their needs in their current situation.

Outreach youth workers:

Mikko Siekkinen 044 778 4288
Sanni Suvila-Nuutinen 044 778 4824
Maria Lammervo 044 778 4833

Special youth work

The purpose of special youth work is to help and support young people in problem situations. This social youth work responds to the needs of young people who are at risk of or who are already excluded.

Special youth worker:
Kaisa Koski 044 778 4805
Helka Sorvari 044 778 4817