Birth control services

The goal of family planning is to promote and maintain sexual health. The birth control and family planning services are intended for those of reproductive age who are either Salo residents or living elsewhere but currently residing in Salo.

Family planning / birth control services offer:

  • guidance on preventing pregnancy or for individual birth control planning
  • an opportunity to discuss family planning in a holistic manner
  • advice and treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases
  • initial tests and advice regarding childlessness
  • advice, tests, and guidance regarding pregnancy termination

Birth control services are provided by a public health nurse and doctor working in the health centre. Public health nurses dealing with school and student health care are responsible in their own schools for guiding young women who are in good health on how to start using birth control, and for directing them to the birth control and family planning services or local doctor.

The service is confidential and visits to the family planning centre are free of charge.