Coucelling centres

Please visit our web pages for information regarding pregnancy, caring for children, families with children, family planning and birth control.

The counselling centre´s activities are based on set check ups and individually arranged visits to the public health nurse or doctor. Health promotion, illness prevention and early detection are all central aspects of our work. Through confidential and equality-based customer relationships we seek to support families and help them to harness their own resources.

In order to provide comprehensive treatment, and providing that we have the customer´s permission, we work also in cooperation with other individuals and organisations. These include therapeutic dietitian, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, psychologists and child day care services.
Counselling centres are area-based and services are offered by appointment only. The services are free of charge to municipal residents.

In the centres´ maternity clinics, pregnancies are monitored, the health of the mother and child is checked, and support is provided to mothers both during the pregnancy and once the child is born. Cooperation with the family then continues in the child welfare clinic.

The child welfare clinics are there to serve children below school age and their families.