Seeking treatment in the health centres

If you need treatment for a illness or injury, contact your area´s health centre. The health centres use a personal doctor system based on geographical location.

When you contact the health centre, the nurse assesses your situation and directs you to the right place for treatment. Based on the assessment, the patient may receive instructions for home treatment or an appointment with the doctor or nurse either by telephone or face-to-face. If you require urgent first aid, you can come straight to the health centre without first calling or making a booking. On evenings and weekends the health centres are closed. At these times sudden illnesses and accidents are treated in the A&E section of the Tyks Salo Hospital.

A call-back system is in operation in the following doctor´s practices: Central Health Centre, Halikko, Kiikala, Kisko, Kuusjoki, Perniö, Suomusjärvi, and West Health Centre.

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