Home treatment

Acute, short-term, and intensive health care and palliative care at home is provided in the whole Salo area

  • Home visits by nurses according to the customer´s treatment needs
  • Doctor´s home visits by prior arrangement where needed
  • Home visit appointments are not scheduled for during the night, but home treatment customers can still reach the nurse at night time by phone

Home treatment services are obtained with a doctor´s referral. It is required that:

  • the customer desires home treatment and they can be safely treated at home using the doctor´s instructions
  • the customer can manage daily activities either one their own or with the help of friends and family or support services

What kinds of customers receive home treatment?

  • infection patients who receive IV antibiotics
  • phlebothrombosis patients
  • patients requiring rehydration therapy, non-urgent blood transfusions and medicine infusions
  • patients requiring intensive wound treatment and compression sock treatment
  • palliative care patients
  • other specialist health care patients for whom home treatment is appropriate
  • prior arranged well-being check up visits, requested by a doctor, after the customer has been discharged (in cooperation with the discharge team)

The customer charge covers all home visits by carers or doctors, irrespective of their number, as well as basic treatment materials, intravenous medicines, test medicines, and x-ray scans and laboratory tests related to the treatment period in question.