Salo´s health centre hospital provides quality, patient-centred care. Patients are transferred for care in the health centre hospital either through the A&E department or with a referral for follow-up specialist health care. The health care hospital has three units. Units 1 and 2 operate in Salo, and unit 3 is located in Perniö. The health care hospital has capacity for a total of 121 patients. The units provide treatment mainly for patients requiring rehabilitation for neurological and mobility-related conditions, those with infections, and those requiring palliative care, but also for geriatric patients and those requiring others kinds of specialist treatment. Rehabilitative nursing is carried out in the health centre hospital.

Each patient´s treatment is a combination of the expertise of many different professionals working together as a team with the aim of rehabilitating the patient so that they can be discharged and return home. In the beginning of the treatment, the goals are defined. Rehabilitative nursing marshals the patient´s own resources and mobility. Patients are guided and directed, their own resources are bolstered and supported, and they are encouraged to independently carry out actions which they are capable of in their current condition. Working closely with the health centre hospital are both the various services for the elderly and the specialist health care services.