Laboratory services are handled by Southwest Finland Hospital District´s laboratory unit at the Central Health Centre in Salo. Laboratory samples can also be taken to a limited extent in other health centres as well. A doctor´s referral is required for laboratory tests. HIV and pregnancy tests, however, do not require a referral.

Appointments for laboratory tests can be made by calling 02 313 6321 (Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, calls charged at local rate) or using the free TYKSLAB browser-based booking system. It is of course possible to go to any TYKSLAB without a time reservation. In this case, however, one should reserve more time for the visit, as the laboratory uses a queuing system. Additional information is available at

X-Ray services

X-Ray services are provided by the Western Finland Imaging Centre´s Salo X-Ray Department in the Central Health Centre in Salo. A referral from a health centre doctor is required.

Appointments from the booking centre, tel. 02 313 2945 or 02 313 2922.