Occupational health care

Statutory occupational health care

The statutory aspects of occupational health care include sufficiently detailed reports on the healthiness of workplace working conditions, information dissemination on health dangers and guidelines on how to avoid them, initial health inspections and continuing regular health inspections of high-risk professions, and monitoring of workers with reduced functional capacity, including instructions for any required treatment or rehabilitation. Occupational health care also provides, where needed, guidance on maintaining first aid capabilities.

Included in the occupational health sphere are all those companies (and their employees) which have signed occupational health care contracts with the City of Salo.

A diverse range of activities for maintaining working capacity, as well as group rehabilitation activities, are organised for workplaces through joint planning. Activities to support working capacity involve specialist help provided by workplace physiotherapists, psychologists and therapeutic dietitians.

The occupational health centre works in cooperation with the local Kela office when organising early rehabilitation.

Health care services as part of occupational health care

Workers whose employer has signed a health-care-level occupational health care contract have the right to apply for health care services as part of occupational health care.

Public heath nurse´s appointment times: without booking Mon-Fri 7am-11am, with booking Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm.

Doctor´s appointments:

  • non-urgent cases require an appointment
  • urgent cases are treated as the condition requires.

Also in urgent cases it is best to arrange by phone before arriving.

Occupational health care work does not deal with non-work-related medical certificates.