School and student health care

The goal of school and student health care is to promote the health of students and school pupils and support their healthy growth and development. We keep track of the health of pupils and students and, where necessary, direct them to receive special care. Work is carried out confidentially together with parents, teachers and other staff that work with pupils and students. School and student health care is a statutory service and is free of charge. Monitoring to ensure a pleasant and healthy school environment is an important part of school and student health care.

As part of the care provided, the public health nurse and the school doctor provide general health check ups to all primary and secondary school pupils at regular intervals. The Government´s Decree on School and Student Health Care (380/2009) gives instructions on the timing of the check ups.

Accidents at school

According to the regulation on compensation for accidents as specified in the Comprehensive Schools Act, a pupil´s medical expenses are covered if the accident takes place either in school or on the journey to or from school. The accident insurance does not cover private medical treatment.